Vending Services

Supplied and serviced from only £1 per week

Sanitary product vending machines are fitted in washrooms that offer consideration to it's visitors welfare and away from home emergencies and convenience. Adding a vending machine to a washroom can complement a caring working environment and helps show your business thinks about its people.

We offer a choice of single, dual and multi-product washroom vending machines, all serviced and maintained regularly to ensure stock levels at all times. All product vending prices are set low, almost cost price, as we do not aim to make profit from stock sales, we just need to cover our costs.

Branded vending products available include:
  • TAMPAX Tampons
  • ALWAYS Towels
  • HUGGIES Nappies
  • PAMPERS Nappies
  • MATES Natural Condoms
  • PRETTY LEGS Tights
  • GOLD SPOT Breath Freshener
  • LIL-LETS Tampons
  • ANADIN Extra
  • ANADIN Paracetamol
  • ANADIN Ibuprofen
  • COLGATE Toothpaste
  • KIWI Shoe Shine
  • KOTEX Towels
  • DOVE Skin Care
  • KLEENEX Tissues
  • SMINTS Original
  • NIVEA De-odorant

Services include:

With over 25 years experience and over 300 satisfied customers in the Thames Valley area, Azure Hygiene is committed to ensuring our clients are 100% happy with all our work. We offer service plans to meet your requirements and your budget. In nearly all cases we have improved levels of washroom hygiene for our clients whilst saving money on washroom and waste management bills.

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