Environmental Hygiene

In addition to washroom hygiene and waste management services, we provide environmental hygiene solutions for other areas within the workplace.

Dust/Entrance Mats

Variable frequency lift & lay service. Choice of mat colours and sizes, including logo'd mats if required.

Air Purification Systems

Remove all unwanted odours and reduce infections anywhere there is a problem or risk, by controlling bacteria, viruses and fungi in the air and on exposed surfaces.

Room Decontamination

For extremely offensive and entrenched odours and where bacteria is a major concern, vacated unoccupied rooms can be treated quickly and effectively using innovative technologies such as the AirSteril MP100 to kill up to 98.11% of bacteria and viruses found in the air and on exposed washroom surfaces.

Insect Traps

Keep control of food preparation and hygiene sensitive areas by eliminating flying insects with our range of serviced traps to suit each requirement.

Deep Steam Cleaning

A steam sanitisation service for hygiene sensitive or badly soiled hard surfaces.

Carpet & Fabric Care

Mobile powerful truck mount systems effectively steam clean whilst removing any excess moisture, leaving carpets and fabrics deep cleaned, fresh and ready to use again in no time.

Consumable Supplies

Highly competitive pricing on all janitorial, office cleaning and PPE products with free local delivery.

Services include:

With over 25 years experience and over 300 satisfied customers in the Thames Valley area, Azure Hygiene is committed to ensuring our clients are 100% happy with all our work. We offer service plans to meet your requirements and your budget. In nearly all cases we have improved levels of washroom hygiene for our clients whilst saving money on washroom and waste management bills.

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