Washroom Services

Creating a fresh, clean and hygienic washroom environment

A clean and well serviced washroom may not be top of your business agenda, but it can speak volumes to people visitng your work premises. Creating a better washroom experience for our clients is paramount and we take great care in creating a clean and hygienic environment for you, and your clients, using the latest technologies to provide a consitently high level of cleanliness and freshness. Our services are as versatile as your business, and as we're local, you can rely on the highest levels of efficiency, delivering exactly what you want, when you need it - with no service contract tie-ins.

Services include:

With over 25 years experience and over 300 satisfied customers in the Thames Valley area, Azure Hygiene is committed to ensuring our clients are 100% happy with all our work. We offer service plans to meet your requirements and your budget. In nearly all cases we have improved levels of washroom hygiene for our clients whilst saving money on washroom and waste management bills.

Our full range of Washroom Services

Feminine Hygiene
Azure Hygiene offers a range of sanitary waste disposal units to ensure feminine sanitary waste is disposed of safely and responsibly.
Air Care
Using the latest in green technology, we can provide air care systems to purify and freshen your working environment.
Water Care
Azure Hygiene provides a range of up to the minute technologies to ensure your washrooms are always clean, fresh and bacteria free.
Hand Dryers, Soaps and Gels
Featuring the latest makes and models of hand dryers for the ultimate in washroom hygiene, we also provide a wide range of soaps, hand gels and consumables.
Vending Services
Azure provides the latest in vending machines, along with a range of the most popular branded products.
Janitorial Supplies
From single orders, to contracted supply of large volume products at exclusive prices, you need never run low on cleaning supplies. 
Urinal Care
Keeping your washroom fresh and odour-free with the most efficient and cost effective water dosing and freshening systems.
Baby Change Products
We can provide many types of baby change area products, including base units, baby changing supplies and dispensers.
Surface Sanitisers
To prolong the effects of our washroom services, Azure uses a range of non-reactant sanitising products to keep your washroom fresher, longer.
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